good hospitals in san francisco for a slightly new nurse

  1. I have about 8 months of experience working as a nurse but have found myself not as intellectually challenged in the area/hospital that i am working. It's not that I am super smart...I just have this thirst for new knowledge and a strong need to broaden and strengthen my clinical and critical thinking skills. I know that it is what you make of it, but I believe that the environment i.e., the unit/hospital also plays a role in what kind and how much learning you will have. I am definitely not confident that I am learning what I need to learn as a new nurse. I really do want to have an ICU and ER experience, but I do not have the confidence to go through it as of yet. I did not have a strong and organized new grad orientation program, leaving me to opt for a med-surge floor halfway through the orientation.

    Knowing my needs right now, what hospital/unit would you recommend? How's UCSF's ICU training program? Any other hospital in the bay that you believe has a strong training program? Thank you in advance. I would really appreciate your suggestions. I'm quite lost right now
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    i'm interesed in this too...
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    do you mind me asking what institution you are currently working at?