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has anyone every heard of this school for nursing and allied health careers? i have an aquaintance graduating from their lvn program in february '08. even so, i am weary of colleges i've never... Read More

  1. by   dark40
    thanks for replying, wow im glad you are telling me this, cause i was a little weiry about them, I just dont know what other schools I can check out in my area,(san bernardino cty)that has at least a decent program,wow.
  2. by   rioshopefullvn
    The info on the post may be from only one person. I myself has a wonderful experiance at Four D college. I graduated the LVN program n Sept 2009. I myself and my class and a total of three different instructors. I had two different theory instructors and two different clinical instructors during my 18 months in the program. And I will say I had the BEST instructors they have there. I was blessed. School is what you put into it. Just because one person had a bad experiance, all wont have the same. I believe i received the best education out there. After school was over the prepared me very well for the NCLEX. They fallow up with me, and email and call to see if I need help looking for work. I have never heard of where the other person you went to clinicals.....I actually did some of mine at a SNF and also at the ER and L&D at Arrowhead. The school is a school and the will run into problems....they are not perfect.....I myself fif not research any other schools in the area....I was convienient for me because I lived right down the street....I did move 35 miles aways 1/2 way though school....I did not mind driving the distance.... so don.t let what other people say and the problems they ran into deter you form enrolling here. I am sure there are many, many sucess stroies that come out of here that you have not heard of.....If you are wondering....I have not received my NCLEX results yet....But i must say around 15 of my classmates have passed NCLEX and are now Lic Vocational Nurses....THANKS to what Four D has taught them....
  3. by   Nursingmom25
    School is CRAP! Run and Run fast before you fall for the bull
  4. by   tmt7781
    I agree the school is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a recent student, from the first month of school it was something I had never experience before. Teachers yelling at adult students in the class and treating students as if they were in jail. I could not believe what was going on. They do not have a preplanned lesson plan which to follow; they would rather talk about there life, I do not care about what goes own in their life nor did I investments my time in my education to set and be forced to listen about their life which had nothing to do with my education. The school is very disorganized and do not care. WOW!!!!!
    I advise anyone to not go to this school, do not pay for an education . Before someone get to post a respons to my post to their perfect time at Four D so called college, I know you must be a staff member and just trying to combat by saying the school was great. I went there for 12 months and i can honestly say I did not talk to one student that had anything positive to say about the school, owner, vp, don, staff, and teachers.
    I was a B+ student I do not owe the school any money ( I do not have a loan therefore I do not owe sally mae, no banks, no school) with that said I am not an angry student because I owe money. My problem is not with the cost of the program but with the school it self. I would had just rather attending another school, but I did not know,
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  5. by   rioshopefullvn
    No I am not part of the staff....I must say I did pass NCLEX on my 1st try...I am now a charge nurse thanks to what I learned at Four D.