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  1. Hi every body

    Hope all of you guys are fine.I'm new to this siteand I would like to be friend with all of you .
    I live in California ,northern california.
    Is there somebody here that lives close by?
    I wanted to know for IV certification what should I do? is there any places that I can go and take this class?
    I really appreciate that.
    I'm looking to hear from you soon.

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    It would be very helpful to the fellow readers if we knew which part of northern California you lived. Do you live in the Sacramento metro area? Do you live in the San Francisco Bay area? If not, do you live by the border (Crescent City) or further south (Chico, Paradise)?
  4. by   tanaynicole
    If you are in the South Bay (San Jose/Santa Clara) area; you can complete you IV certification at Mission College. It's one of the continuing eductions courses there. I think you can also take the class at Gavilan College, in Gilroy,Ca

    Hope this is helpful- Best of luck
    TanayNicole :angel2:
  5. by   leonard76
    Thank you guys.
    I live in san jose area.I didn't know that I have to go to the college
    for taking the IV certification.
    Anyways thanks a lot.