Forced out of ratio.

  1. Recently and in the past my coworkers and I have been forced out of ratio. Tonight we were each given an additional patient above ratio even though we were already understaffed without a charge nurse and did not receive a lunch break.

    We are union and have reported understaffing and ratio issues to our nurses union without result.

    Thoughts on nurse to patient ratio laws in California and how to report these occurrences to the state?
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  3. by   chare
    You might find herring_rn's response in this post helpful.

    Reporting a facility for staff ratio issues?
  4. by   MinneNurse
    That sounds awful! Who is running the show if you do not have a charge on? Can whoever is in charge close the unit? Are nurse to patient ratios not part of your union agreement? I am a union nurse in Minnesota and our nurse to patient ratios are, if I was ever asked to take a patient beyond my ratio I would refuse per my union agreement, file an unsafe staffing report, contact my union steward, and potentially look into filing a grievance against the hospital through the union. Sounds like your union needs to become more involved. Best of luck to you.