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  1. Is it fair to float in other areas if you were hired to work only in a specific medical unit? The contract that my best friend signed specifically stated that she will only work in a specific medical unit.But when she started working,her manager told her that after three months she will float in areas such as cardiovascular,surgical,neurology,oncology and ortho which are not part of the unit that she's working in right now..Can she say no? I actually am fortunate because I don't get to float in the hospital where I'm working in.She ask me once about this and since I don't have any idea I opted to open this up here in our allnurses forum. Thanks in advance for your future inputs!
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  3. by   shodobe
    There are hospitals that have what they call "sister" units where you might float to. I work in the OR and my "sister" float area is only L&D. I don't have to float anywhere else. All of the M/S floors float between each other. ICU and ER are "sister" departments. This is in our P&P so there can be no deviation. Check with your hospital for such a policy. I wouldn't float to an area where you have no experience and feel uncomfortable. Remember, you have a license to protect and most hospitals don't really care about that. CYA!
  4. by   GeneralDogsbody
    Gee I would look upon this as a learning opportunity!!I used to love being sent to different wards! I think the only one I didn't like was ENT but then they also had girls there who had miscarried which was very sad.
  5. by   jmgrn65
    In my hospital you float to all units except L&D, PostPartum, surgery, and ED. The rest is fair game which really sucks.