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Hello all, I know there are already a couple of posts for this school, but reading through the threads I didn't get all the information that I was looking for and considering that they are pretty... Read More

  1. by   jmiraRN
    Hello. If you have no prereqs done I can tell u now there's no point in studying. That portion of testing is only needing a passing score for those wishing to transfer the sciences. The total cost of the program is indeed 50k but I am unaware if they are raising it for the jul 11 start. Hope this helps!
  2. by   jmiraRN
    But make sure you do know your math and english very well
  3. by   emt_anderson
    UGH! you guys!!! I don't think I can wait any longer!!!!!! haha
  4. by   .:Jewels:.
    im on the same boat emt!! i wanna know!!!
  5. by   emt_anderson
    I really do hope that all of us who frequent this thread get into the program. Everyone seems like such a great person, and I know that we would have each other backs throughout the program. Study sessions, explaining things that others don't get, social support etc. etc. I know that we would all be great friends and we would come out on the other end much better as a result.
  6. by   jmiraRN
    Yes I'm very hopeful for us all on here. If out of over a thousand only 200 made it to an interview I think we have a good shot. Out of 200 who interviewed we all here seem to have a good head on our shoulders and common sense about us which is important for nursing. Waiting by the phone everyday now just in case. And I think wed be a good support system for eachother throughout the program. Best of luck to everyone!
  7. by   krystel
    I would like to say thanks to those that replied to my question I don't plan to transfer over any units, but I was thinking that it wouldn't hurt to ace the whole thing I want this soooo bad girls it isn't even funny! I have gone to prvt school before and had to fight my way in and it sucks to see that some don't make it after giving it there all. I just pray when the time comes I am that person at the finish line that makes it in! I hope all the other people on this board make it in too, I know you guys want it badly hence the fact we are all here talking about it! LOL
  8. by   Long.
    Hi guys. First off I wanted to say a big thank you for emt_anderson for creating this thread and making it as big as it is today. I don't think there was a Everest College thread as big as this one until you came along, so big thank you to that. With that said, I truly do hope that the allnurses.com members on here do make it into the program. You guys all seem like very ambitious students searching for that opportunity so I wish the best for all of you guys.

    I'm curious to ask to see if anyone has received their phone call after the interview yet? I really feel like Rachel has forgotten about me, even though I'm on the prospective rollover list. I've wrote her a follow up e-mail regarding my interview appointment and nothing yet so far. I'm definitely staying positive about my situation despite seeing that the majority of the applicants have done their interview weeks ago. If you guys don't mind, I'd like to ask what you guys all scored for the HESI? I understand that interviews are based off how high you score so I'm just curious to see where I stand with the rest of you guys. Thanks everybody!
  9. by   Long.
    And krystel - just fyi, there are a few male members in this thread (i.e. me & emt_anderson) who are trying to be nurses as well. Not all girls! :P
  10. by   jmiraRN
    Long I scored probably an average of 90 on what counted. I received a 98 in math and the english scores varied from an 85 to a 92 there were a couple scores for that. My understanding, per rachel, was that they would be holding interviews with 200 prospects until the week up to christmas so there is still hope! No I haven't received a call yet since my interview nov 2nd but I do keep my ringer on high lol. Good luck to you.
  11. by   krystel
    @ Long and EMT I am sorry, lol I know there are men in the field as well I guess I am just use to working with women a lot. I am not an expert on the subject but from what I have been reading and the people that I know that have done the process that basically it isn't over til the fat lady sings! Remember like Jmira said they had 200 people that interviewed so they have a lot of people to look at and phone calls to make on top of what ever else they have to do But I am sure that you guys want it and are smart, responsible ect. and it shows it will work out I am sure! Also the scores on the test are not the most important because some people are bad test takers but end up being great nurses as long as you didn't score super low I think they will take everything into consideration I am praying for all of you guys don't give up and don't get discouraged!
  12. by   .:Jewels:.
    Hey long, my scores for english varied from 82-96, and math was a 90...and i believe i interviewed on the 8th or 10th...like jmira said keep your head up and stay positive!!! jmira, emt, dexandmon, long and everyone else on this thread...im praying for us!!lets hope santa brings us all an acceptance call and yess emt, i hope for many study sessions with you all!!
  13. by   BookNurse
    My math score was 86 and my english(s) were >95. My interview was Nov. 16th. And now...I wait with the rest of you. :spin: Atlho I did go ahead and renew my CPR card and annual TB test as they're due in November anyway. FYI - I've had better results getting ahold of ---- by waiting on hold instead of voicemail or email. She has her hands full all the time.
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