1. [font='times new roman']hello all. i'm in paramedic school here in so cal, my ultimate goal is flight nursing, i want to get some field medic experience first. a couple of questions i'm sure you'd know the answer to better than me:
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    [font='times new roman']how much do paramedics and nurses make in critical care transport in the southern california region? (here in san diego/orange/los angeles i've been told we make substantially more in helathcare for cost of living etc... as an emt in icu/ed i made $16/hr +as much ot as your willing to do)
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    [font='times new roman']are there any emt-p to bsn, or rn programs in southern california? if i challenge the lvn are there any step-up programs that will accept me? basically what's the fastest way to go from a medic to a nurse in southern california?

    i'd like to add the disclaimer that i'm aware paramedic to rn is a big step, and has a different approach to medicine. i've had almost two years as an emt in my local icu, ed, plus about half a year in a trauma center.
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    Moved to California Forum to address questions specific to CA. Good luck!