Do you know of any Night/Weekend Nursing Schools?

  1. I know Mount Saint Mary's is an option, but it's pretty expensive! Your help is appreciated.
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  3. by   Philo
    Concord College, and American Career College are designed for working people check them out. It may cost $25000.00 but you pay that back over time maybe $100.00 a month you'll make that in one day after you get your license.
  4. by   calimarinewife
    There's also Maric College in San Diego, they have nights and weekends also.
  5. by   lefthander1975
    I went through a night/weekend program at Grosmont Community college here in San Diego. I believe the wait list is one year and it's also accredited and much cheaper than Maric.
  6. by   Nightcrawler
    Glendale Community College has a evening/weekend program. You do have to remember that it is NOT part time, merely taught during different hours. All of their programs are under great demand, and there is no waiting list. Admission is based on GPA, with a emphasis on grades in the core science prereq's.....Good luck
  7. by   milzer2012
    El Camnio College- Has both PM and weekend.
    They have 2 Camupses ElCamino and Compton.
    ElCo has Fri-Sa Sun
    Compton - Evening classes.

    Compton is totally a safe, pleasant campus.
    It's easy to get into pre-reqs, the campus is not overcrowded.
  8. by   OnAQuest2009
    United States University