Diversion ?

  1. Just enetered the diversion program. What are realistic expectations of finding employment once I am able to work again. How do employers view you?
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  3. by   mdoze911nurse
    Diversion? Is this through the BON or a municipal/state court? Not sure how to answer. Does you BON give you any information?
  4. by   jccdtrjmm7
    Through the BON.
    I feel really isolated. I know I am not the only nurse with addiction problems, yet I feel very alone. I quit my job and turned myself in after failed attempts at recovery by myself.
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  5. by   mdoze911nurse
    As for employers, I believe that if you are honest with them, you will find a job. Over the years, I have worked with several nurses who have had problems and they are recovering and working. Good luck to you and God Bless you in your endeavors. Remember: You can do all things through Christ.
  6. by   nurseangel47
    Bless your heart, sweetie. I realize that many nurses have addictions and some seek treatment, others don't. Some voluntarily, others involuntarily.
    Please know that you're doing/have done the righteous thing by voluntarily surrendering your licensure at this time and are seeking help for yourself...it is something that you have to just get to the level you have arrived to do for you. Pray and trust in God. He wants to help you help yourself get better. You will come out alright on the other side of this problem. Get involved in as many meetings as you can possibly attend, even daily if that is a possibility. You will eventually practice nursing again, if that is what you want to do when you recover. Best of luck to you and your honesty and future endeavors. I know a relative of mine who is an RN lost her license due to diversion at work. She was busted at work, had to jump thru the hoops for the board and is now working at the same facility she was caught diverting at...so I know there is hope for you. Head up high. Keep on walking the road to greatness and your heart will be lifted as your spirit soars and learns to fly again. Best in this wonderful Christ-filled Holy Days and holidays....spirited blessings to you, dear.