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  1. by   CaliRN<3
    Jealous!!! I can't wait to buy a new car!! I also still drive my very first car from high school, which happens to be a hand-me-down from my oldest sister so it's REALLY old!!! Haha. I wish I lived closer to you guys.. It would have been fun to meet up before we start!
  2. by   NursesRock88
    I feel the exact same as everyone of you here!!!! Excited, nervous, eager....anxious.... can't wait to meet all of you . I'm from Ceres so way further from a lot of your residences. Can't wait!!!
  3. by   ilovescrubs
    I should have asked this earlier - but in open house, did they mention anything about if we need to be all prepared and ready to go? Or do they do reviews with us (lab results, common diseases, basic nursing skills...)?
  4. by   CaliRN<3
    I dont remember them mentioning anything at open house, but I would definitely brush up on the basics. You dont want to come off as being incompetent, and I'm sure our preceptors will be testing our knowledge!
  5. by   ilovescrubs
    CaliRN <3 : tushay! i knoww... that's something i needed to hear!
  6. by   CaliRN<3
    Just keeping you on your toes! I know what you mean though...I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not a student anymore and I am officially licensed to work as a RN all on my own! And with Versant its hard to know what the expectations are since we're kinda like students, but we're also working as full-time RNs. I guess we will find out very shortly!

    Oh, and I have a stupid question... we're supposed to wear scrubs monday, right? I just assumed so, but now thinking about it I'm not too sure since we won't be doing patient care or anything. I'm getting so excited!
  7. by   ilovescrubs
    Oh no..business causal..And if you haven't done so, bring your Form 1-9 along with supporting documents.

    Good points CaliRn<3! Reviewing here i comee...!
  8. by   Vines812
    Hi All,

    I realize this post is old but thought I'd try anyway! I'm going in for my second interview pretty soon and am sooo nervous!! Can any of you who interviewed or got hired @ dameron share some insight please? I know it will consits of clinical scenarios but not sure how deep / complicated they will be and I'm kinda, sorta, really..nervous! any info will be greatly appreciated! This job search has been so hard and I want/need this so badly!

  9. by   Vines812
    Quote from edithjg
    Just an update for everyone, they will start making calls for third interviews at the end of next week. I did my second interview yesterday and did not 100% go as smoothly as it did in my head. You could definitely say I stuck my foot in my mouth on more than one occasion and pretty much started crying as soon as I got out of the room lol (funny now, not so funny yesterday). I hope they can see past that and realize I was just extremely nervous and can see that I would make an excellent nurse for their hospital. Good luck to all that are still in the running (hopefully including myself). If you didn't get a call back don't be too discouraged (easier said than done I know) and just keep on looking and applying. I mean people ARE getting old and they will HAVE to start retiring. Unless they have found some secret fountain of youth formula that they are just not telling us.
    edithjg, do you have any tips for someone going in for a second interview? im applying for 2013 cohort & have no idea what to expect with the scenario questions..super anxious but want this so bad! I've been looking for almost a year and really need to help my family out.. any suggestions/tips?

  10. by   edithjg
    Congrats on making it to the 2nd interview!!! I'm not going to lie, the 2nd interview is the most intimidating one of them all. Make it past this one and you're almost golden. I'm not sure what unit you are applying for or who will be interviewing you so obviously all the clinical scenarios are probably different for everyone. I got a chest pain scenario along with another one that I can't remember. Since you don't know what scenarios you will be given I would highly recommend going over your basics. It sounds really lame, but really go over vital signs. What is out of the norm, why is it out of the norm, and what are some possible interventions. If you get stuck and have no idea what to do go back to your basics, ABCs and keeping your patient safe. They are aware that you are a new nurse and your knowledge base is teeny tiny compared to a practicing nurse. They want to make sure that you will be safe, you can handle uncomfortable situations, and that you will know how to find answers and how to use your resources around you. This includes other nurses, charge nurse, other departments, doctors, literature, etc. I would also really recommend that you think of some clinical scenarios in your past that will demonstrate some of the skills that they are looking for (such as critical thinking, teamwork, communication, dealing with conflict, etc). They may not necessarily ask you to "Name a time when..." but insert those stories when appropriate because they will remember that. You can go on all day describing what teamwork is and what it means to you but you have to remember, chances are everyone else is saying the exact same thing. Make them remember you...in a good way of course. Also this sounds totally cliche but just try to be yourself. They interview tons of people and I think they can tell when you give phony answers. I'm not going to lie the second interview almost gave me a heart attack I was so nervous lol but you'll make it through. Just be prepared. And a nice thank you letter afterwards I'm sure is always appreciated. Good luck with your interview and let us know how it goes!!!
  11. by   orangepeels
    Hi there! Thank you so much for all your tips and advice. I was wondering if you could let us know how your third interview had gone back then, with the CNO? Was it pretty informal and basic? Or did she ask a lot of questions and what types? Thanks so much, any tips are greatly appreciated!