Current CSU nursing students. Do you still enjoy college?

  1. Hello Everyone!. I just graduated high school and I know for a sure fact I want to become a nurse. I'm going to Chabot this coming fall and I want to apply for SFSU, SJSU, and CSUEB (the transfer route). Going on though! Do you folks still enjoy the college life? I mean some of my friends are going to a CSU straight out and I really can't help I'm missing out the college experience. If I transfer, will I still have "fun" as the other non nursing students do?
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    Transferring to a CSU nursing program is extremely competitive. You would have to have a very high cumulative GPA with stellar grades in your prerequisites classes. As far as having a college life at a JC, its completely different than dorming at a CSU. But it's how you make of it. If you're really serious about getting into nursing, I would focus on school. There's always going to be time to party, but make school your priority.
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    My advice to you would be to hit the books hard so you can get into nursing school right away and party it up once you're out of school. If you're going into nursing, you will be too busy with pre-reqs and nursing classes to be partying all of the time. You may not have as much "fun" in college but once you graduate and land yourself a nursing job, you can do all the fun stuff you want on your days off. I didn't take some of my pre-reqs as seriously as I could have so it took me a little longer to get into nursing than I had originally planned. I went to community college, then CSUN, a commuter school, for my first Bachelor's (while on a wait list for an ADN program) and now will be starting the BSN program at CSUCI (which is about 35 mins from where I live) and have lived at home the whole time. I did visit friends that went to other schools and partied with them a few times. Do I wish I had the "full college experience?" Sometimes I do but I wouldn't trade my ER Tech Job and the volunteer experience I have had for it. Because of my job, I have been able to travel to Europe and go on international medical trips not to mention plenty of trips to Vegas ever since I turned 21 haha. I'm not saying be completely anti-social while in school but your education should be your priority, it'll all pay off in the long run.