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Hey everyone, this is the first application process for a Nursing program for myself and I am only applying to CSUSB for Winter 2013. I wanted to see if anyone else is in the same boat as me. I am... Read More

  1. by   RNloveee
    I just received an email from CSUSB.. I have been accepted for Winter 2013 for undergraduate admissions! One less thing to worry about
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  2. by   RNloveee
    Quote from shamfrod
    Oh and my stats were:
    Prerequisite GPA ~3.8
    Teas 84%
    San Bernardino resident, bilingual, recommendations, and I attended an advising session.
    I’m still a little worried about my TEAS score. It’s not the score I was hoping to get and it’s too late to retake the test.
    We have almost the same exact stats!! I hope we both get in

    Quote from DarkBluePhoenix
    Those stats were the same I had minus being bilingual when i got into for fall 2012.

    i am sure you are are fine. dont stress. relax now because once you get in and start, your free time is gone!
    You're giving me hope!! I hope they accept applicants with similar stats as you for Winter.. if so, I think shamfrod and I have a good chance! >.<
  3. by   Christina0tran
    Hey guys! I'm also applying for the winter. I'm hoping I make it into the program! But I was wondering DarkBluePhoenix, if you have any pointers about the nursing program so far...like how it is and any advice for us lol I'm really curious about how it works. Also, I'm a little confused about the program. I thought that after the program, we could start working as RN's but someone told me that you have to go into another program after for that. Thanks in advance!
  4. by   Christina0tran
    Today is the day we are supposed to be notified right?
  5. by   RNloveee
    Quote from Christina0tran
    Today is the day we are supposed to be notified right?
    What do you mean by notified? I thought they just send out the letters this week.
  6. by   splashpuno
    They told me that they will be sending out letters this week, and they will also post the list of those who get accepted.
  7. by   Elkay
    Might be a stupid question but once you get accepted right away you can start right away? I heard for some nursing programs you actually have to wait cuz there's a waiting list or something.
  8. by   splashpuno
    If you get accepted into the nursing program, u start right away.
  9. by   RNloveee
    If anyone is a current CSUSB student please take a picture of the list of those who are accepted and post here please
  10. by   splashpuno
    i got accepted into the nursing program
  11. by   RNloveee
    Quote from splashpuno
    i got accepted into the nursing program
    Congratulations!! How did you find out?!
  12. by   RNloveee
    Omg i made it!!! Thank you for posting!!!!
  13. by   shamfrod
    Congratulations to those that got in!