CSULB Transfer applicants Spring 2012

  1. Hello every1,
    I'm applying for spring 12, transfer from Evergreen valley college, hope anyone can help me clear out some questions regarding the app
    I m not a csulb student , should I include my ID csulb on the form since I got it after Acknowledge Letter
    I m kind of worry since the due date for nursing app coming, but csulb admission doesn't send me any resut that wether I advance 2nd ground or not; is that affect to any decision from nursing department
    Any rely would help
    Thank you all
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  3. by   CA_BSN_Student
    You should include the university ID # on your nursing application, but I don't think it'll hurt if you do not provide it. Based on my experience, nursing dept. and university are 2 separate entities. They don't know / care whether you're accepted into the other entity but you'll need to be accepted into both in order to attend nursing classes. If you qualify for the nursing application requirements, then chances are you'll be accepted into the university. It's just take time for the university to go through all the applications (on top of furlough days, budget cuts...etc). Whether nursing dept. is accepting transfers for spring & how many students are different stories.
  4. by   ting3177
    Thank you so much for your rely, now i feel relieved, and hope i can get accepted like you,