CSULB Pre-Nursing Students: SPRING 2013 Applicants

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've been lurking on this forum for awhile now, reading about the experiences and helpful insights of many CSULB Pre-Nursing students who have applied during the previous semesters.

    With that said, I am very proud to say that it's now my turn, along with many of you, to experience the journey of being an ordinary "Pre-nursing" student to hopefully, becoming one of CSULB's accepted applicants for the Spring 2013 term.

    I created this thread for other pre-nursing students who will be applying this fall. I believe that going through the process alone isn't as exciting and beneficial as if you were to experience it with other students!

    So, to those who will be applying for the Spring 2013 semester, GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!


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  3. by   Deehannah
    Hey ABD,

    I was wondering if you could tell me when Spring 2013 applications begin because I am trying to apply :] And yes, good luck to all of us!

  4. by   abbydaya
    hi [color=#454545]deehannah,

    applications are open to csulb students from august 1, 2012 - september 15, 2012. not sure if you are a continuing csulb student, because as far as i know, csulb will not be accepting any applications from transfers for the spring 2013 term.

    hope this helps!

  5. by   HeyWhatsUP
    did anyone receive an interview yet?
  6. by   lala488
    Hello, I'm also an applicant for the Spring 2013 cohort. Does anyone know when they will be sending out interview invites?
  7. by   HeyWhatsUP
    i heard sometime this week.. did anyone get one yet?
  8. by   lala488
    I don't think anyone got anything yet.
  9. by   perks___
    Got an e-mail for the interview today!
  10. by   HeyWhatsUP
    does anyone know how they make up the alternate list?
  11. by   lala488
    People on the alternate list should've received interview invites too. Everything is still based on the grades and teas scores. They rank the top 110 people, then they take in the first 80, and the rest are alternates.

    I don't know about this semester though. Things seem different, like the interview being on the October 31st when it's always been around the second week of October in the past...
  12. by   HeyWhatsUP
    does -------------- let you know if youre an alternate before the interviews, or does everyone find out after the interview process?
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  13. by   lala488
    I think everyone finds out after...
  14. by   HeyWhatsUP
    any tips on how to prep for interviews? haha i feel like this forum has the least activity compared to the past ones.. but yeah im pretty nervous about it..