CNI College ADN April 2018

  1. I just passed the TEAS! Yay. Applying to CNI College for April 2nd, 2018 start date. Anyone else?
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  3. by   FutureNurseOC
    I am! I passed the TEAS and had my interview last week... she told me we would find out in 2 weeks. So nervous!
  4. by   cori_
    Omg! Congrats! Maybe we'll be in the same cohort? How was the interview? I'll send you a private message as well.
  5. by   lilteena129
    I'm applying for the 4.2018 start date as well! Now just waiting to meet w/the DON. How was the interview?
  6. by   cori_
    Awesome! I'm going tomorrow to finish up my paperwork. Eek! Nervous about the DON interview.
  7. by   FutureNurseOC
    The interview was easy, --------------- is nice and just wants to know why do you want to become a nurse and how will you handle the work load.
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  8. by   lilteena129
    Ok cool! That's what i figured... I scheduled my interview today so I'll be meeting w/them this Thu - can't wait!!
  9. by   cori_
    Not in April cohort. I pushed back. So now starting June 2018. What happened to you?