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Hi all, Just wanted to start up another forum for CHLA's Versant New Grad RN Program for the March 2013 cohort. Here's a link to CHLA's page: The online app should only be open for a few more... Read More

  1. by   jae_mc
    Quote from dgp214
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the discussion board. For the nurse residency I was offered and accepted a position with the CTICU. I will be relocating and was looking housing advice. Anyone know good places to live around CHLA? Thanks!
    The Los Feliz Village by CHLA is great. A lot of young professionals. I used to live there and it was only a couple of blocks from Griffith Park (huge park to hike, etc). Franklin Ave has a lot of apartments, as well as Los Feliz Blvd. but anywhere around that area is pretty affordable. I had a one bedroom apartment for $1050 and it was literally a 5 min drive to CHLA (stop lights and all).
  2. by   hilary9
    Was just offered a job in the NICU!!! I'm soooo excited!! Congrats to everyone else who got a job offer,, will be seeing you soon
  3. by   newgradsteph
    Hi Hilary! I was also accepted into the NICCU also. I am extremely excited and can't wait to meet! I am from Northern California and will be making the move probably late February. I am looking for a place to live, but may live at my parents in Huntington Beach until I feel out the LA area. I mostly want to focus on the NCLEX right now.

    Congratulations to everyone accepted! If you weren't, its ok! Stay strong and persistent...if you don't give up and show your passion for nursing I guarantee you will land a dream job!!
  4. by   heartbOO
    Hey! Did u guys all get the welcome to the program packet yet? Since it says we can wear scrubs for everything including classroom training, i was wondering if they care about what type of scrubs we wear? Like colors wise? I figured I didn't have much business casual clothes so instead of spending money on that, I'd buy more scrubs because at least I could use them when the program ends!
  5. by   newgradsteph
    Hi heartboo! I haven't received the packet yet. When did you get it?
  6. by   dgp214
    I received the packet this week as well. However, I'm missing the "RN Residency Class sample calendar."
  7. by   heartbOO
    Me too! I don't have the RN residency calendar either! I received the packet maybe 2 weeks ago? Not quite sure wha day exactly because my mail went to my parents house.
  8. by   dgp214
    Thanks for the advice!
  9. by   hilary9
    Hey newgradsteph, have you gotten your packet yet? Because I still haven't gotten mine!
  10. by   newgradsteph
    Hi Hilary- I haven't received the packet yet. At least we are on the same page. I wrote on a scratch piece of paper (from when the recruiter called to tell me I was accepted) to expect the packet late January. I will let you know when I get it. Does anyone know when the new grad luncheon is going to be? I also wrote down it would be in mid-Feb. I want to make sure I have the day off at my current job. Thanks and I look forward to meeting everyone!
  11. by   dgp214
    The luncheon is on Feb. 19.

    Also, is anyone looking for or would be interested in being roommates? I'm moving from Northern California and am completely new to LA.
  12. by   newgradsteph
    Hi dgp214- Thank you for the date! I am from Northern California also. I live in Petaluma. And, I might be looking for a roommate!!! I don't know Los Angeles very well and was going to commute from my parent's house in Huntington Beach for the first month until I was able to hunt around for a good place to live. I am not sure if I can receive private messages on this site, but you welcome to send me one!
  13. by   dgp214
    Hey newgradsteph- I don't think I can send private messages. Feel free to e-mail me at, I'll be coming from Sacramento. I've been researching communities around CHLA such as Los Feliz, Silverlake, and Echo Park as well as Burbank and Sherman Oaks area.
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