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  1. Hello everyone! I am a fairly new nurse (1 year experience in the PICU) currently living in Pennsylvania and planning on moving to LA this winter. I applied to the PICU at CHLA last Tuesday, got a call back from HR on Wednesday, and just scheduled and interview *today* for the end of the month. This is so very exciting, considering it took me months and months to get my first job after graduation. I am planning on moving to los angeles with my boyfriend, who is from Palos Verdes and knows the area quite well. I could really use some insight on CHLA and the Los Angeles area, as I have only been out there a couple times!

    First off, regarding CHLA: Does anyone here work in the PICU? I was just curious about the interview... whether the questions will be more behavioral or clinical-based? Any tips? Any info on the unit? Also, payscale. I have heard that CHLA pays significantly less than other hospitals in the area, but am not sure if this is true. Does anyone know what the pay is like? I am trying to figure out where I will be able to afford to live..

    Any recommendations on areas to consider living in? I really don't know much about the area. All I know is that traffic is a pain, ha.

    Thank you in advance for any information!
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  3. by   jax_
    Hi ekr, did you get the job? I am going to start a travel nurse position at CHLA in January. Would love any information you have gained through your experience. have you decided where you are going to live?? thanks.
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    Hi EKR15,

    I am just reading your post about CHLA. Was wondering how everything turned out. I will be in your old shoes soon. I will be moving to LA with my boyfriend. He has lived in Mar Vista and Echo Park. Really nervous about moving with my nine year old. Anyhoo... I have almost 5 yrs of NICU experience so i'm not too concerned about not being able to find a job but he will only have 1 year of pedi ER experience. I am a BSN and he isn't yet but will be soon. Any info you have on the hospital (or other hospitals) and area's of town would be appreciated. I am sure you are an LA pro by now!
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    Hi all, I know these are old posts but was wondering how LA turned out? I will be moving in April to start a travel contract there and would love tips.