Charles Drew University Fall 2015 E-MSN

  1. Hello,
    My name is Kiara. I just received the great news that I have been accepted to Charles Drew University's Entry Level Master Program for Fall 2015. Charles Drew was my first choice and I am so happy to have been accepted. Is there anyone else who will be attending Fall 2015 Is there anyone currently in the program and would like to share your experiences in the program.I would love to talk.
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  3. by   Smitle2
    That is awesome! Congratulations!!! I am waiting to hear back from Charles Drew. They are my 1st choice as well. Can I ask, did you have an interview and how long did it take for you to hear back from the school? The wait is killing me
  4. by   kiarafair
    Hi I didn't have an interview I actually applied last year for the spring 2015 cohort but I didn't get in because all of the requirements weren't met. So I applied again for the fall 2015 cohort once all the requirements were met.
  5. by   kiarafair
    I heard back within 6 weeks of submitting all my application materials. I'm sure you will hear back soon. The wait is killer I was so nervous the whole 6 weeks of waiting. But Charles Drew is an amazing school after going on the tour I knew CDU was the only place I wanted to go to for my nursing education.
  6. by   Smitle2
    Yes, it's been about 5 weeks so hopefully I hear back soon. However, my GRE score was not the greatest so that makes me a little nervous. I looked into several schools and when I visited CDU, I felt the same as you. I'm praying I start in the Fall with you. Fingers crossed!
  7. by   kiarafair
    I'm sure you will hear back soon. They called me to inform me of the decision. Good luck hopefully we will be starting together!
  8. by   nzgivens
    I have just been accepted for Fall 2015. I initially was going to have my application in by the priority deadline but I registered for the GRE too late. So I just waited until the suggested deadline to finish the application. I heard back within 2 weeks. The counselors are amazing there I visited the school often to go over everything and it was my number 1 choice.
  9. by   holamargarita
    @nzgivens Hi, congrats!! Wow you heard back so soon! I applied by the suggested deadline as well and just received my confirmation email this Monday, Mar 16th. Hopefully I hear back soon!
  10. by   royale0320
    Congratulations! I was recently accepted to the ELM Nursing program at Charles Drew for Fall 2015 as well. I waited for 3 weeks to hear back from them and I received the acceptance letter 3 days ago.
  11. by   Smitle2
    Are you all receiving an email, mailed letter or first a phone that you were accepted?
  12. by   royale0320
    I received a letter. However, after I submitted my application the counselor said they notify candidates in a variety of ways. It can be email, letter or phone call.
  13. by   kiarafair
    Congratulations everyone I can't wait to meet you all at orientation!!
  14. by   kiarafair
    I received a phone call then a letter