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Hey!!! i am going to LA in two weeks to interview for the new grad residency program. Has anyone already interviewed, or know anything about their residency program? Do you know what it's like for... Read More

  1. by   karlamparo
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    karlamparo....let us know how it goes! are they making offers immediately? good luck!!!!
    My interview went well. I came 20 min prior so I had to wait for 5 min. I got randomly placed with the oncology manager and nurse IV. They're pretty nice. I like the fact that they weren't intimidating. They asked me a couple of generic questions, a lot of conflict management questions, medications assessments, etc. But we also talked about oncology cuz they were convincing me to go there and I was interested about hearing it. Overall, I liked it.

    For your question, they didn't offer anything...yet hopefully. From what I felt from the whole process they're trying to do, they're having some 3 day open house to weed out a good 800 applicants. That's just me though, I was told I should be hearing from them soon.

    What about you guys who went. How'd it go?