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    I was wondering if you could help me out with information regarding Cedar-Sinai. I am looking at re-locating after graduation (currently in Ontario) and the sunny southern California is looking very promising. I gather that Cedar-Sinai isn't interested in recent grads, so I was considering working for a few years at UCLA and then seeing if I could transfer. How easy is it to get a job at Cedar since it is private? What are the starting wages like? And what is the typical clientelle like? I'm sure being private and located in Los Angeles it must receive celebrities and mostly uninsured patients. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    There was another thread about this somewhere here...maybe try doing a search with the site?

    well maybe not THAT useful. Good luck though. I'm sure they get alot of rich clientelle. I don't know about a whole lot of uninusred since they are private. I've heard that it is a GREAT hospital but not so new person friendly also...but I'm in Texas so whatever.
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    I have some friends that work at ceders, they get celebrities (but so does UCLA...UCLA has a whole floor devoted to people who can shell out $1000 a night for a room).

    Both UCLA and ceders get the same # of uninsured people i believe

    They are okay to new grads. The pay is a couple dollars more at ceders, but you can't start in an ICU, you have to do med surg/tele etc. The benefits are not as good as UCLA, but like I said the starting pay is like $2/hr more.
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    Thank you for all your help! I think UCLA is a better fit for me right now.