Can I take the NCLEX after two years of the 3 year BSN program?


    [color=#006666]notification of intent to take the nclex-rn form.

    clinical nursing curriculum

    this is the program i will be taking . i was wondering if i am reading this wrong. i wanted to know because i am choosing between the adn and bsn and i need to work part time after 2 years because my money will run out.

    thanks for any help.
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    Eligibility for Licensure

    If the student receives an AS in Nursing at the completion of the fourth semester in the pilot (1st Semester Senior Year), the student will be eligible to take the NCLEX examination as a graduate of a nursing program. Students in the CSUS baccalaureate program currently are eligible to sit for licensure at the same point, however, they are discouraged from taking the exam as a non-graduate because of potential reciprocity issues. It would defeat the purpose of the proposal and the socialization process desired if students took the licensure examination and postponed completion of the final semester in the pilot. Students in the pilot will be strongly advised to complete the 5 semester sequence before taking the exam.

    Found this, anyone that graduated from Sac State know this to be true?