California PHNs- I want the Lowdown!

  1. I posted on the Public Health board, but was hoping I could hear from the CA nurses in this field. I'm an RN with a BSN and PHN cert., but have only worked in acute care the past 6 yrs.I'm burned out on the floors. Before I ditch nursing altogether, I'm wondering if I might find my niche in Public Health. I know it's slim pickings for county jobs right now because of the CA economy, but can any PHNs out there give me the scoop on what's involved in this specialty? What's it like day to day? How does it compare to acute care? How can I get my foot in the door?

    I can speak some Spanish (not fluent, though I took it all through highschool and 2 years of college). Are there any classes or things that would help me in this area? I love doing patient ed., and would like to do something completely different in nursing, but still utilize my skills and knowledge. There are PHN jobs in a neighboring county, but it's a 1 hr commute each way & I'm wanting to investigate before I make any moves.My concerns again are: burnout in this area, working conditions, and overall job satisfaction. Thanks in advance for any pearls of wisdom you can give me.
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