California LPN/CMA Salary???

  1. hello all,
    i'm thinking very strongly about moving to california from minnesota, prefebly los angeles or san diego. i know that the price of living is much higher there and i would like to know what i could expect to make working in a clinic there. i have 1 year of experience. i any of you could give me a good idea of what to expect, i would much appreciate it.
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  3. by   OneHungryNurse
    I'm sure you already know that LPNs (LVNs in Ca), are pretty much kicked out of major hospitals by now. Therefore, they are forced to work in sub-acute, clinics,LTC... etc.
    Considering this: The standard around the LA County area, goes like:
    (approx.) 1 yr experience
    Nursing Homes - pay the most usually $18-24
    Clincs - $16-21
    Home Health $pays per visit... can reallly add up

    In all reality, Ca does not have a nursing shortage. With the economy in the dump, a lot of retired nurses have rejoined the workforce, and new grads find it harder and harder to find jobs. Older nurses are holding on to their jobs longer causeing a back up of the student vs mentor passing of the torch. Hospitals are pushing to only hire BSN-RNs, which in turn forces ADN-RNs to take up much needed lower echelon jobs from the LPNs. Its rough out here, (I'm a LVN as well) I decided to just go back to school and get that BSN. Happy Hunting!!!