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  1. Hello California!

    I wanted to get some input on relocating to California. I am an LPN currently, with five years total experience in various settings such as Hospice, LTC and Private Duty. I am in an ADN program that I will graduate from in Nov. 09. We have been looking strongly at a move to the Tahoe area, someplace like Truckee. I have done a bit of research, but thought I could get a better idea from nurses living and working in California. I have noticed that there does not seem to be many options in this area without commuting to Reno or Sacramento. I am kind of thinking it may be a better idea to rent a place in Sacramento for a while and work there to gain experience.

    My questions are: Where would you all recommend a new grad attempt to work to get some experience in California? I really want to work in a hospital. Tele, ER and ICU seem most appealing so far. Where would I have the best luck getting a job? Should I be looking at different cities to gain experience? I also cannot get any good information on new grad pay. Does the pay change alot from city to city? What kind of average figures should I be using when comparing cost of living to rate of pay?

    I really appreciate any feedback. Have a wonderful day!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Keep in mind that Sacramento can get unbearably hot in summer. Pay rates and availability of jobs can vary widely from city to city and region to region. Suggest you do a job search on to get an idea of what is available. You can also do an internet search to find the major hospitals and give them a call. I highly suggest having a job lined up before the move. Northern CA has a very tight job market, especially for new grads, as you will find out. Good luck with finishing up your program and passing NCLEX. Hope your move is a smooth one.