1. Hi, anybody living in San Leandro are? My husband is being transfered to this area and would like to see how the hospitals are and pay rate. I am now in a local hospital in pa and weekend rate is 38.00 hour. How is the area also? I have 3 children 17,15,9. If anyone has any info, that would be great!! And is it easy to transfer your RN license to another state?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    San Leandro is in the East Bay. Salaries are significantly higher out here than what you are used to, but cost of living is higher as well.

    In the Bay Area with experience you are looking at about $55 plus per hour as average.

    You will not be transferring a license, actually impossible to do that and will retain your license at home. You will need to apply for License by Endorsement and have your school send your transcripts to the CA BRN before they will release your permanent license. If they receive verification of your license by your current BON, then they will issue a temporary license that day in their office in Sacramento if you need it right away.

    Hope that this helps.