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  1. Hi all,
    Just wondering if any of you have gone through CSUF's RN-BSN program? I posted earlier on being interested in RN-BSN programs in Orange County...Cal State Fullerton would be the most convenient for me, but I'm interested in hearing from people who've been through the program, on whether it's any good.
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  3. by   ef0zzy
    yeahhh it would be good to hear form any CSUF nursing majors... It is also close to me too.. I heard CSULB is like hell for the waiting and plus thats a bit out of reach to me.

    Oh! and also is anyone in the accelerated ADN-MSN program? My friend knows someone that got in there and is done with their first year telling them their like dying but making it through * i believe he said she has a husband and a kid .. so more pressure huh*
  4. by   RNLeavingTheOC
    Graduated CSUF class of 2003 in the ADN to BSN option. I started back on a part time basis in 1999 and finished Spring 2003. I would absolutely recommend the program and the school. The professors were very supportive, showed interest in what they were instructing and genuinely cared for you as a person. During the program duration I managed to work full time as an ICU/ER nurse, had a baby, bought and sold 2 homes, and got divorced-so yes you can manage life and the CSUF program. The curriculum can be challenging at times-online, papers, group projects, internships etc.-but if you have good organizational skills and motivation you can be successful. Walking up to the podium at graduation and getting that degree is such a gratifying experience. If I still lived in the state I'd go back and do the MSN program.