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  1. I have consecutively applied to the Butte College Nursing Program for the last 4 semesters (2 years!). When I first applied, I was aware of the waiting list but I was told that the 4th time applying would guarantee a spot in the program due to the increase in chances every semester. I just emailed the program directer who was very nice and helpful, but informed me that most students are getting in their 6th or 7th time applying! I would love to hear from others who are working toward the Butte RN program, how many times they have applied and so on...would love to hear some feedback on other's experiences!
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  3. by   jessrlogan
    I've applied for the 6th time! I was told I have a 90% chance of acceptance this time with the 7th being the one I get in for sure. Long long wait…
  4. by   schnauzerlvr
    I just applied for the 6th time too. Hopefully it's the magic number!
  5. by   NoelleDavis
    If you don't mind me asking, what have you guys done while being on the wait list? Are you working?
  6. by   hsanders315
    I've just applied for my 6th semester as well!
  7. by   hsanders315
    Just worked and taken more classes for transfer
  8. by   schnauzerlvr
    I've been working full time at a totally unrelated job and part time as a CNA.
  9. by   Amber_lotus
    I went to the Butte nursing q&a a couple of years ago, and was told by the nursing secretary ---------------------- that 6 applications were necessary before being accepted, but if more people kept applying it might become the 7th app. that got you in!
    I just applied for the 4th time, maybe we'll be in the same class! I'm also on Shasta College waitlist and am applying to Chico State this year too. Good luck!
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  10. by   hsanders315
    What is the directors email?
  11. by   NoelleDavis
    I know someone who got in on their first application too. Patience (and luck)!
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  12. by   diana13
    Hi NoelleDavis! Was there anything that stood out from his or her application?...I know its based on lottery, just wondering if he or she speaks more than one language, got a really amazing TEAS V score..etc..
  13. by   diana13
    I just applied to Butte, first time applicant....
  14. by   chicoperson
    I just applied to Butte for the first time as well. Just got the "included in the lottery" email! I hope all of you that have applied so many times get in this time around.