Bay Area LVN programs

  1. I am a CNA in the bay area, and am looking into LVN programs. I've found Napa Valley College, Merritt College in Oakland, CSI Career College, Nightingale Nursing School, Western Career College, and Unitek.

    Has anyone gone to these schools? Pro's or Con's? Alot of people tell me to just go straight for the RN....
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  3. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Quote from muffinCNA15
    I am a CNA in the bay area, and am looking into LVN programs. I've found Napa Valley College, Merritt College in Oakland, CSI Career College, Nightingale Nursing School, Western Career College, and Unitek.

    Has anyone gone to these schools? Pro's or Con's? Alot of people tell me to just go straight for the RN....
    Those people that tell you to go straight for your RN must have gotten in easy then. Either that or they don't seem to know how difficult it is in this day to apply when you have 200-300 applicants applying for 30-50 slots. Some people can't get in as quickly due to many different circumstances. I've chosen the LVN route first and am now waiting for acceptance into the LVN-RN programs. For me I didn't want to wait doing absolutely nothing until a RN school would accept me. Let me put it to you this way, my friend finished all of her prerequisites before I did, she's a stubborn mule and didn't want anything RN. She's been applying for RN programs with decent grades and has yet to be accepted. She's waiting for an answer to the Fall 2010 (been trying since Fall 2007) RN program. I didn't want to wait so now I'm ahead of her and if all goes well for both of us I will finish a year before she does.

    Regarding the schools, I've heard many good things about Unitek and also Western Career as a good friend of mine graduated from the San Jose campus. The other schools I've heard of, but not the programs in particular.
  4. by   Brighten
    Los Medanos College in Pittsburg also has an LVN program which I heard is pretty good. I don't know much about the other programs u listed but I do know the names atleast lol.
  5. by   muffinCNA15
    I wasn't aware that Los Medanos had a LVN program, I'll have to check that out.

    I have a friend who went through the LVN program through Western Career College, she enjoyed it & works in a SNF now. I don't know anyone who attended Unitek.

    As far as LVN to RN vs straight to RN, the waiting lists are so long, and I think it'd be better to at least be able to work as a LVN while going for RN or BSN...
  6. by   jamie0110
    I am currently looking into going to Unitek but it is soooo expensive. I am meeting with a Unitek adviser tomorrow for the second time because I have more questions and I want to go over the whole loan process...I'm scared I won't get approved! The reason I am choosing Unitek over Western Career College or any of the other private schools is because they offer the LVN to RN bridge program and you don't have to work as an LVN for a year first and I have not found another private college that offers that. Another good thing I found out about Unitek is that it is shorter than the other nursing programs I looked into, the LVN is 11 months and the RN is 8 months. Western Career College offers financial assistance and Unitek doesn't so that is definitely a pro. My opinion would be to definitely go for your RN they make more money and I hear they are phasing LVN's out of hospitals. The cheapest route would probably be Merritt College but they might have a wait list for the program. Good luck
  7. by   Mintyfreshness23
    Since you mentioned Napa Valley college...there is also solano community college. I am working on both school for the pre-reqs now for the nursing program. I heard solano was better than napa but whichever program I get into I will make the most of it..God willing!
  8. by   73ss86
    @jamie0110 I was wondering do you know how much they are charging for the LVN program at Unitek? Also the types of loans/financial aid etc are available? Im thinking of doing that route also if I dont get into a nursing program this Fall 2010... Hopefully I hear good news by the end of this month...but if not i will be doing the LVN program

    BTW which one are you going to? Do you know when the start date is? If they are still accepting applicants?

    Sorry so many questions! I will definitely schedule an appointment if I dont get into a RN program
  9. by   jamie0110
    They are charging $33,000 or $34,000 I don't remember which one it is and the RN program is $38,000 but you get $4,000 off of it if you go through their LVN program. The start dates are July 12th for the Santa Clara one he told me that there were only two seats left and July 28th for the Fremont location and there are seats available for this start date. And the next round of classes are in October. He said that you can apply for FAFSA but he said it was really hard to get. He said that you could get federal or private student loans. I am going to start applying for loans next week I am going to go for the federal I think. But if you want I will let you know how the FAFSA and loan applications go. I have my appointment to do my application and to take their admission test on Tuesday.
  10. by   73ss86
    yes please let me know!!

    BTW i stumbled across this RN program that is online its called Western Governors University however you do have to have your CNA license and a BA or AA degree I think its worth looking into! Also there is a new program that SDSU is starting this fall 2010 if you have your BA.

  11. by   73ss86
    Hey jaimie0110

    any word on how to pay for the LVN program? I might go to the one in Fremont that starts on July 28 I'm meeting up with one of the advisors so well see how it goes.... which one are you going too?
  12. by   jamie0110
    I am currently applying for the loans right now. I have to decide which way to go...the private or the federal student loans. I put my deposit down so I am starting the program on July 28th in Fremont. I'm going to be applying for the loans within the next couple of days so I will let you know how it goes
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    Hi i know its been so many years but how did your LvN program go. Im thinking of getting my LVN but im afraid to pay a loan in the future. Im looking for a community college or ROP for now but ill go to private if I dont have a choice
  14. by   Firefly1009
    Hello there.. I am currently in my 3rd semester in my LVN program at Los Medanos College. Wonderful teachers and wonderful school!! The instructors really go above and beyond they really want you to be successful!