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  1. Hello everyone,

    Has anyone attended or heard of National Univesity in Fresno, CA? They have this program there and its accredited through CA BON. I just wanted to know more about it and your experiences.
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  3. by   VeggieBSN
    Hey there, I've actually applied for the Nov 2012 cohort at National University Fresno. We'll be taking our Teas and Essay the 1 or 2nd week of Aug. Pretty excited

    I know that besides the California Board of Registered Nursing, it's also accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and WASC (so the BSN is equal to that of a CSU). I'd say the program is pretty competitive because it doesn't have A waiting list or anything. Your either in or not. They except the top 20 students per cohort. The students are ranked by a point system. 30% is your pre req gpa, 20% is the number of retakes for a pre req, 30% Teas score and 20% essay score. The total is 100 so those who are at the top get in. You can apply to a national program a total of 3 times.

    I did my science pre-requisites at National as well. Since the classes are only a little over a month long, they were pretty fast pace. The instructors are great, rally nice and willing to help you out after class....although sometimes the A&P Instructor I got was unorganized at times. I took my biomed stat class there in June. I instructors really picky with grading but other then that the class was easy.

    Do you have any specific questions about the program?
  4. by   misspinkmeow
    Thanks so much for getting back to me... Here is my email, might be easier

    I have an AS Degree in Medical Assisting so Im looking to become an RN. I have to retake all those Science classes and with the local community colleges filling up so quickly, I am having trouble getting into those. I figure I would go the private route.

    how much is the program?
    You say you take one class a month? how many days and hours a week is each class? I like that since I am not a fan of Pre-reqs so this would be interesting. I had a 3.9 at SJVC when I got my AS Degree back in 98.

    So how long does it take to finish the pre-reqs before you can enroll into the program?
  5. by   VeggieBSN
    That's why I did the private route too. There just isn't enough space in CC and it takes longer to get pre reqs done.

    The classes are pretty expensive at around 1400 per lecture class. I took 5 classes and 3 labs (for A&P I, A&P II, and Micro) and its come out to around 8,000 bucks.
    I've been told the program itself will come out to more or less 35,000 (YEPP!) but quite a few working RNs have told me that if I find a job and dont spend like crazy then it shouldn't be hard to pay it off in 2 or 3 years (thankfully my parents are willing to help out too so I wont have my head underwater too much).

    I took the night schedule for classes so I went twice a week from 5:30 to 10pm. They sometimes also have Saturday sessions too. I started these pre reqs Last Nov. and took my final class in June so its taken 8 months more or less. I just got an email today that I'm invited back for my essay and teas so I'll likely find out maybe month after whether I got in or not. BTW if you apply I suggest taking the Teas else where a few months before you take it at national...that way you know what to expect and if you get a good score you're allowed turn in that one instead of the score you get at national. (I took it at Fresno State in March and got an 80, if I do better at national I'll turn in that one or else I'll just turn in the 80).

    You should talk to one of the advisors there and see which of your classes are transferable. I suggest ------------- cus he knows his stuff (in my opinion two of the advisors there dont put much effort into helping a student out). A 3.9 gpa is great (thats what I have too). If you can get some of your classes transfered and take the rest asap then you might make the January deadline for the next cohort.
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  6. by   misspinkmeow
    Thanks for getting back to me with all that information. I plan on starting the pre-reqs in Oct so that they are all done for the Nov 2013 class. I wanted to do the May course but time is too close and I dont want to stress. If i have a little extra time, i can concentrate on studying for the TEAS exam and pass with high scores. Im not waiting lol

    Do you know if for any reason i have to quit due to moving for husbands job if the pre-reqs are transferable to a city college? Im hoping it does just in case i have to walk away from the college due to moving.
  7. by   VeggieBSN
    I know that the classes are equivalent to a Csu, so I'm guessing that you'd be able to turn in your national transcripts for other city and state schools. But you should definitely ask an advisor to be sure.
    Glad I can help : )
  8. by   hummerh1
    Im looking into this as well, do you know if you can work PT while going through the RN program? what are the times and days of the classes? NOT THE PRE_REQs the actual course...
  9. by   VeggieBSN
    I'm not in the program yet but from what I was told at the nursing forum...they suggest you not work because they want you to study 2 hrs outside of class for every hour in class. Plus, you have no choice in the place and times of your clinicals. However, I have spoken with some students in the program who are working part time. Its very hard but not impossible. Your employer must be willing to be flexible with you too. Dont know anything about exact date and times....but I know they give you a schedule a few weeks ahead for the month coming up.
  10. by   misspinkmeow
    thanks so much for the info. I hope to be able to work PT as well through the program. i am also reading that many new RN grads are not finding work.. This scares me. Are you seeing or hearing the same thing?
  11. by   VeggieBSN
    I've been reading the same but one of my friends graduated last spring and another about a year earlier and they've both found jobs in Fresno. They said its hard and you'll have to send out a lot of applications but eventually you'll find one. Also, I keep hearing that during clinicals in NS, you should make a good impression at the hospital and do some networking because having friends in hospitals places doesn't hurt either. At the nursing forum at National I was told that 4 or 5 students already had job offers from clinical sites.
  12. by   misspinkmeow
    when you did your pre-reqs was that part of the loan or did you have to pay cash?
  13. by   misspinkmeow
    Im planning on applying for the 2013 Nov program since i have 9 classes to take. I would like to get a job in a Jail system if possible... how do you plan to get experience while you go to school?
  14. by   VeggieBSN
    For my pre-reqs I had some financial aid and the rest I paid myself. I didn't want to take out a bunch of small loans so if I get into the program (doing the essay and teas next week!) I want to take one single loan. As for the work experience... Some of the students that I took my pre-reqs with were CNAs. You will definitely be able to work during these 9 classes, I did and got all A's however I've never worked in the medical field before. I don't plan on working at all during the nursing program besides an extern-ship if I get one after a year of school.