Attack on Med-Surg Ratios-What RNs Can Do

  1. New Hospital Industry Attack on Med-Surg Ratios
    What RNs Can Do to Protect Patient Safety

    A bill sponsored by the multi-billion dollar hospital industry would prohibit the state from improving minimum Med-Surg ratios to 1:5 next January.

    AB 2963 says the ratios may not take effect
    unless the state can verify an impossible set of requirements concerning the "supply" of nurses, based on hospital industry data projections, costs and "measurable" patient outcomes that can only be determined by data the hospitals call "proprietary" and
    have always refused to provide.
    Make Your Voice Heard

    AB 2963 will be debated soon in the Assembly Health Committee. Please contact committee members and bill author Tom Harman today.

    Let them know you are an RN and tell them ratios are already improving patient care and that AB 2963 would endanger the lives of thousands of California patients.
    Please copy e-mails to:
    Please use link above for e- dress and phone numbers of assemblymembers.
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