Applying for Transfer between Kaiser Hospitals

  1. Hi.

    Is anyone familiar with the process of applying to transfer from one Kaiser hospital to another in Southern California?

    looks like outside applicants and current employers apply through their main website.

    But what are the chances of someone really hiring me through this electronic application? How long does it take? Has anyone tried following up on their transfer?

    any advice would be great.

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  3. by   hollie91999
    Hi 2bnurse it,

    The process can be long depending if there are positions available to transfer to. I currently work in central valley, and right now there is a freeze. With the economy the way it is, positions are not being replaced once the person leaves. Are you using the internal website to put in your transfer request???
  4. by   2bnurse_it
    where can the internal postings be found at?

    Looks like I keep getting into just the general

    If anything, how soon do you think I should apply if I do plan to transfer?
  5. by   hollie91999 is where all the postings are. Once you bid for a position, it goes to HR/recruiter
    and is sorted out by seniority. Kaiser employees are considered before it goes
    to the public. The sooner you apply, the better. It took me six months to transfer and
    this was in 2007 when there was not a freeze. Hope this helps and good luck.