Application still "pending"

  1. Hi,
    I applied for a licensed by endorsement on February 12 2018. I have a valid FL license and wish to endorse it in CA. I am foreign educated, and sent in all the required documents.

    The board predicted 10-12 weeks of wait time to get to my file. On this day, they are processing applications that were received after I had applied, yet, my application has still not been reviewed.

    I e-mailed them twice (no answer), and called 17 times (can't get the line). I put in approximately 600$ into this, so it's kind of upsetting.

    Do any of you have any suggestions on how I can get things moving?
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    Some people have had luck showing up in person. Other than that, you might just have to wait it out. It's possible something is missing or doesn't meet their qualifications. In that case, they should send you something by mail, eventually. Good luck. They're infuriatingly slow.
  4. by   newnurse 101
    Hi Chinotto21,
    I am a foreign educated nurse Australia to be exact. How hard was it for Florida to get all your certification's, transcripts, to be converted? I am an American but will head home in the near future. So can you tell me how long, how hard the process was? I am also going to head back to California.
  5. by   chinotto_21
    It was quite a lengthy process (and it's still not over).

    I had FL and MN send in a license verification through Nursys, CGFNS send in my certified translated transcript (250$), TOEFL results, fingerprint cards, photo ID and a signature.

    The toughest part was to get my school to fill out the "breakdown of education" form... which they eventually did, but I'm not sure they filled it out correctly, and I'm not sure it'll satisfy the board.
  6. by   chinotto_21
    I actually endorsed MN into FL, which was very straightforward.

    I would look into getting licensed in Minnesota as a foreign graduate