Anyone going to Everest in Ontario

  1. I was curious if anyone is currently in the ADN program at Everest in Ontario(metro)? I am planning on going there, but because I am not working and have time I plan on taking classes this summer and fall to transfer into Everest to cut cost. The problem I am facing is when I call Everest their staff won't give up any information about what classes/units will be transferrable. I have to pick my classes for summer on Monday, and I honestly need accurate information on what classes I can transfer in, so that I choose the right classes before they fill up. Can anyone help? Does anyone have their info packet from this last past info session at Everest?

    Also I was told they require a PSB test and a Compass test but no HESI. Is this true?

    I'd appreciate it if you all could help. Thank you all.
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  3. by   jwannab
    I just looked at my options for what classes I can take for summer. The classes look like this:

    Psy 101 - Intro to Psychology
    Soc 201 - Intro to Sociology
    Eng 101 - English 101
    Phil 106 - Intro to Philosophy
    Mus 114 - Music Appreciation (taking this as a General Study Elective)

    I am only going to take four, will any of these transfer into Everest? Or Can anyone reply to my posting up top, time is ticking on me picking classes.

    - Sorry to bug, I just want a smooth process. Thanks again.
  4. by   luckystarr8806
    i called for more info on everest and the lady told me i had to call back in january 2010 for more information because they werent taking anymore applicants.
  5. by   jwannab
    Quote from luckystarr8806
    i called for more info on everest and the lady told me i had to call back in january 2010 for more information because they werent taking anymore applicants.
    wow that's really strange. They told me that I had to wait for the info session in August, but I wasn't put on any list or anything crazy. I am really starting to question the school although they are accredited by the BRN. Either way if I were you I would just show up for a info session in August and get a test date.
  6. by   krizyranne18
    im going to the info session this august too,,, but they told me to call them back before the july ends??? hmmmmm...... also, i am taking nutrition anf english 1a?.... someone told be that they have hesi test, is this true?
  7. by   jwannab
    From what I see on the info packet they d onot have the HESI exam. You have to take the psb-rn and compass. At this point I am really confused as to where I am going to go. To top it off all of the prereqs I wanted to take this summer have been taken by other students, So now I am stuck taking a bunch of dumb classes that I won't need.

    My main concern is accredidation, a counsler at my JC said that Everest' accredidation is not accepted in traditional universities, and see for me, I want to go on to get my masters and practice advance nursing (FNP to be exact) so in the end it can be time consuming if I choose the wrong school. At this point WCU seems to be in my favor, although I have no idea how I will pay for it, it seems to be whats going to make most sense for me.

    My advice to anyone including myself is to search around, explore your options, and match it to the ultimate goal. Good luck + I wish you the best.
  8. by   krizyranne18
    i just went to wcu last week,,, the representatives they were really nice, my only problem is the tuiion fee is pricey.... i believe its $126,000.... now im confused, because if i cant get into the adn prgram in everest, then i have no choice but to take the lvn program first at pacific college... what do you guys think? wcu was my first choice before but then like what i said it was pricey... geeezzz,, and at everest college in 400+ applicants 80 will go on to the program, what if im not one of those 80 aplicants.... im not being negative, but yah!
  9. by   jwannab
    Its all tough huh? lol - There are other programs though Krizzy. Check the state nursing site. You got LA Allied Health, MSMC, and I think there are a few others. I narrowed it down to those 3(MSMC,WCU, and Everest) cause I don't have any units. Depending on how many units you have you might do good or have a chance.

    I went to the info session at WCU-LA a couple of months ago, and the new school in NOHO should be nice. like you said it doesn't make up for the price but oh well. I actually just emailed the admissions dude at WCU to see how students pay for the school if Financial Aid only gives like 56k over 3 years max. Overall I am a tad confused myself. but like you said if worst come to worst I will just take the LVN route in Jan. and then LVN to RN.. And honestly that might not be a bad route. the thing is the time. 18 months to become a LVN and 18 months to go from LVN to RN = 36 months =/ or 36 months @ 126k and a bsn in 36 months =) .... decisions, decisions!
  10. by   krizyranne18
    i know huh,,,,hehehe, but yah,,,, patience is what i need!!!!! hahaha but then i dont have time to be lazy with this,,,, research research research,,,,, geezz
  11. by   jwannab
    I hear you.. I am the same way, I wanna get started like right now! I was just at the book store and as I was leaving this dude walked in his scrubs, it looked like he was coming to study. I was just like aww I wish that was me! lol - Either way it will work out for you young lady, like you said do some research! If you need the Everest info packet let me know and I will e-mail it to you.
  12. by   krizyranne18
    wow,,, great!! u can email me the info pcket ???? that would be really helpful,,,,thanks thanks thanks
  13. by   jwannab
    Yup, just give me ur email address and I got you covered.
  14. by   krizyranne18
    cool,, email me using the links above, thanks a lot
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