Anyone else waiting to hear from San Diego State University? - page 6

So April 15th has come and gone. Now we sit and wait. I know that letters won't start coming out until June, right? I will admit that I'm nervous - I worry about my GPA not being good enough... Read More

  1. by   LulaNurse
    I feel sick knowing that my plans for fall is determined by the end of this week. I don't think I can sleep tonight. Good luck to everyone!
  2. by   chickadee77
    well... if their doing it that way (alphabetically) then i'm out... my last name starts with an a. well that sucks .. oh well.. i'll just roll over my application to spring. if i don't get into spring, then i will do my adn at southwestern.. no problemo.. still sucks though.
    are you sure-sure that they do it alphabetically? *frowns*
  3. by   nondelicacy
    OOOPS! Sorry chickadee77, I re-read my friend's text and she they "probably did it alphabetically." Don't give your hopes up yet! =)
  4. by   Alexischristine
    Good Morning everyone! Has anyone received any calls or letters today?
  5. by   ams422
    I got my call this morning! and no one should panic...each phone call lasts like 3-4 it takes a long time to get through the whole list!
  6. by   Alexischristine
    Congratulations!!! That is so awesome. Do you mind me asking how many points you had?
  7. by   ams422
    Thank you!!!! and no i dont mind at all! i had 74 points.
  8. by   Alexischristine
    i just got my call =)
  9. by   ams422
    awesome!!!!! congrats!!!
  10. by   SwtSangria
    =( my last name is A. And my points are not in the 70s. Im sad now. Good luck to all you!
  11. by   Alexischristine
    Keep your head up swtsangria, I think I had 68 or 70 points. It seems like they are working their way down the list....
  12. by   SwtSangria
    Thank you Alexischristine, I have a 69. And my teas was 81.2% my cum is 3.17 and my GPA is 3.52.

    If I don't get in...then I'll be taking one of my B's over to make them into A's and maybe scoring higher on my teas.


    no call yet. We'll just have to wait and see.. congrats Alexischristine!
  13. by   4lotus8
    Yay~!!! I'm in~!!!!!! Congrats to those who made it! I'll see you at Orientation!

    Don't give up hope for those who haven't heard yet, because one girl who got accepted last year told me that she didn't hear until August. I guess they take the top points first and then work their way down as people accept/decline a seat.