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Hi I was just wondering if anyone is applying to saddleback college for spring 07. We can share our thoughts and make the waiting a little more pleasant.In my case is going to be the longest of my... Read More

  1. by   nursingstudent99
    I got in I believe with 18 points. I'm not sure how it is broken down though. I have a friend who is in west coast college. It is very expensive, but if you have the money and don't feel like waiting then go for it. I hope that helps.
  2. by   unlmtdbrdstks
    This may be totally random, but what color uniforms do saddleback nursing students wear?

    Also, now curious as to when we are supposed to the drug test. only because I got in as an alternate at the school in my hometown, and so I got to take the TEAS test there today, but they wanted me to take a drug test right after! I don't have a car at the moment, so when i go down to mission viejo next month, I'm planning on lots of public transportation and walking..and I really need to know if I'm going to have to somehow fit in taking a drug test somewhere.

    And so sad you to hear of you who didn't get in. Best wishes to everyone.

    and thanks for any and all info!
  3. by   blueteam
    I received a letter today. I did not get in Saddleback but I got good news from RCC (riverside). I got in their RN program.

    But hey, 15pts is still GREAT!!!!! Keep on trying ppl. I think the point system will help give some diversity into the RN program. RCC is based on pt system similar like SBC. GOOD LUCK!
  4. by   Laurenn
    I got a rejection letter from Saddleback : /
  5. by   baybgyrl
    Laurenn: How many points do you have?
  6. by   tcohrs

    I'm the one with 18 points who got put on the alternate list...I had 4.0 in all prerequisites and a 4.0 on my most recent transcript. I emailed someone from the nursing department at Saddleback and they said that they had well over 45 people with 18 points! The next thing they looked at to choose who got in was if you have completed classes like speech, gerontology, pharmacology, etc. (I haven't taken any of those.) But I'm #2 on the alternate list so I'm really crossing my fingers!!!
  7. by   wanna be nurse
    Tcohrs -- I will be confirming things with RCC in the next few days, and if all goes well, I will be declining Saddleback -- I hope my space goes to you !!!!
  8. by   tcohrs
    thanks, me too!!!!
  9. by   Laurenn
    I'm sorry I don't remember how many points, but my pre-reqs were 3 A's and a B in anatomy. they took my IVC GPA which was my worst (of course)... 3.18
    hope that helps somehow
  10. by   Boston34
    i still did not get a anyone else in the same boat?
  11. by   Boston34
    And does anyone know how the lottery works at saddleback?
  12. by   baybgyrl
    I still didn't get a letter also... I wonder if anyone got in with less than 18 points... And if they did the lottery already???
  13. by   meri07
    i havent recieved the letter yet. i think im not gonna get in.. i got all A's in bio classes, but my over all gpa is 3.5! =(( this is sad! =((((