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Hi I was just wondering if anyone is applying to saddleback college for spring 07. We can share our thoughts and make the waiting a little more pleasant.In my case is going to be the longest of my... Read More

  1. by   WhyBrat
    ---- is a sweetheart!!!! I am jealous...I wanted Hoag!!!! We got no choice. Since you have Dove you can just tell them about the change, they are GREAT at doing returns and exchanges. I have an odd body so the zipper fit me best. Short with big ass. =) The scrub fit like a sak. I understand they are going to h ave some available on orientation day for all to try. Orientation is for all students so see ya there. I am so excited for you too. You made the right decision and you are going to make someone at GWC VERY happy. I'll be happy to answer any questions if I can... but gotta run, my husband is fixing lunch!!! =)
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  2. by   maddybee
    I'm really excited about Hoag too, especially because I volunteered there and am familiar with it. Although, I've been talking to my hubby and it would almost be better for me to go to someplace like Orange Coast instead since it's a lot closer to me and it would be more convenient right now. So I was maybe considering switching clinicals with you, only if you'd be interested of course. I was told that we are welcome to switch as long as the administration didn't have to do it for us. And I haven't decided for sure yet either. I don't want to get any hopes up or anything, but wanted to see if you would be interested at all. If you are interested, I still want to wait till orientation to make sure that's what I'd rather do. I am scheduled to be at Hoag Th/F, and I would need to go there on Wed. after lecture to get my patient info. What day do you have to get your patient info if you're at the hospital on M/T? Let me know what you think, and again I'm not totally set on changing yet. =)
  3. by   WhyBrat
    We got this email on July 12th: We are receiving numerous requests for changes in clinical rotation assignments due to work schedules, child care, and location. Please be assured that we understand the need to work, family obligations and driving distances, and empathize with those needs and concerns, but we will not be able to make accommodations for the changes. Students were told during information sessions, that we have clinicals on weekdays and weekends depending on the course and that students should expect to attend the classes/clinicals at least 4 days per week for the 1st semester.

    Please remember that hospital rotations for two days per week, back to back, are only for 7 weeks.

    Kindly make the necessary adjustments.

    I do not think they are open to change. =)
  4. by   LiveALittle,LoveALot
    Just got my acceptance letter for the spring 2012 semester!!!! :]
    who else will be there with me?!
  5. by   camo4040

    I got in for Spring 2012 as well. Congrats to all others that got in. I can't wait to start. How many points did people have that got in? I heard only 70s and above got in.
  6. by   RonnieDita
    Hey Everyone!

    Is anyone reading that is applying to Saddleback in 2012? I take my TEAS on Monday and I am super nervous. Good luck to you all. I will know Monday what my final points score is for applying. I hope its high. Saddleback is so competitive and it is my #1 school.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!:redpinkhe
  7. by   ctgangel
    Hi Ronnie!
    I just applied to saddleback too! I applied for fall 2012. I am so nervous to find out. This is my first time applying to any nursing programs and am anxiously awaiting. Checking my mail daily with nervousness!
    Good luck to you! Do you know how many points you have towards the program?
  8. by   RonnieDita
    I think I had low 70's I dont remember exactly right now. You?
  9. by   ctgangel
    I think i have high 60's because I still need to take pharm and lifecycles 2. i am suppose to start that class next week actually but i just got a new job and really haven't told them about school. Not sure if they will be ok with that or not.
    I also applied to rcc and gwc. did you apply anywhere else?
  10. by   RonnieDita
    I looked at my info again and I have 75 points. I applied to Saddleback, GWC, Long Beach City, Rio Hondo, Cerritos, and Citrus. I tried to apply to as many as possible to increase my chances. I've heard about so many people waiting 1 to 3 years before finally being accepted. Cross your fingers!!! Let me know when you get a letter. I'll do the same. Good luck to you and keep positive thoughts!
  11. by   sackemper
    I applied at GW, Saddleback, LB City and Cerritos as well. I received my letter from GW today for Fall
    Do you know when Saddleback is supposed to sent out their letters?
  12. by   RonnieDita
    Did you get in?SB isn't until may
  13. by   sackemper
    I was accepted for Fall. I just sent my TEAS results over.