Anyone applying at Saddleback college? - page 12

Hi I was just wondering if anyone is applying to saddleback college for spring 07. We can share our thoughts and make the waiting a little more pleasant.In my case is going to be the longest of my... Read More

  1. by   siflores84
    I HAVE 70, I believe my score is very low because Saddeleback is very competitive!
  2. by   WhyBrat
    I am not really sure what my score is, it is int he mid 60's or the mid 70's depending on what they give me for work experience. Doesn't sound good for me. This is out of 100 points right? Ugh!
  3. by   rsa11b
    In the info session I went to the speaker said that the lowest scores that got in were in the mid - high 60s. So don't give up hope yet... Or, give up hope now and possibly be pleasantly surprised later. I would also expect that points will get a little higher every admissions cycle until they stop changing the ways you can get points (time lag).

    Yes the score is out of 100, but the highest was in the low 90s, but the speaker at the info session said that was a very unusual circumstance and not typical for those who get into the program.
  4. by   siflores84
    Hope we get an answer soon from saddleback, fingers are crossed!
  5. by   WhyBrat
    Thanks RSA....great info....gosh hope to see you the coming semester!!!! Crossing my fingers!!!!!
  6. by   siflores84
    Hopefully this week coming up, we should get news from Saddleback!
  7. by   WhyBrat
    I only want good news.....
  8. by   homewith1
    Just got off the phone with the nursing dept., she stated that they have done their evaluation and that letters will be going out by the end of this week. Good luck to all of us!!!!!
  9. by   Sunglitz56
    yeah I called too...I just couldn't wait any longer, I was racing home to check the mail...only to be disappointed day after day. I just want to know one way or another!
  10. by   homewith1
    Talked to nursing dept. today.....all letters went out yesterday!!!! I didn't receive anything today.....will be very anxious for the mail the next few days Let me know if anyone has gotten their letter today.
  11. by   WhyBrat
    I got in...I am so FREAKEN HAPPY...on this, the last day on earth. =)
  12. by   homewith1
    Very happy for you.....I still didn't get my letter, hoping Monday will be the day. It will be a long two days waiting. What was your point total again?
  13. by   WhyBrat
    I really don't points where either in the mid 60's or the mid seventies.....I wish you luck homewith1...Crossing my fingers for you. Good luck!