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Hello! Since December is almost here I know that acceptance letters should be in the mail soon! I was wondering if anybody else is waiting on USF's letter for Spring 2011? I'm a transfer from a... Read More

  1. by   MdSC
    8 semesters? Are you a freshman or a transfer? That seems awfully long.
  2. by   Kat156
    Hello everyone,
    I got my letter of acceptance on Saturday (Dec.10th) and was quite happy at first... Yes, the acceptance letter said the same thing - 8 semesters, no actual nursing courses until 2013!!! I've graduated this Spring after attending CCSF for 3 years, 2 years to obtain AA degree plus 1 year of pre-req's. I graduated with the highest honors and had all A's in all of my pre-req's! Today I got an email from USF where they suggest me to take Anatomy, Physiology, Micro, Public Speaking, Philosophy, Statistics...hmm... - I already took all of these classes (with an A as my final grade in each one of them!!!) during the last 2 years!!! I am no longer excited about being accepted to USF, $37K per year and they suggest me to re-take everything, why? - I have absolutely no clue... I do not think I will be attending this coming Spring, I have no other classes I could take there (except Theology, LOL) until 2013!...Sad... Who sends these letters? They don't even look at the transcripts, just money collection! Ridiculous...
  3. by   Kat156
    Quote from gsape001
    Kat156, are you a freshman applicant? If not, what degree did you earn in the spring?

    I called the school this morning, they said that they will be sending out decisions in the next couple of weeks via US mail. She said the latest we would be hearing back would be in early January. I thought we were hearing back early to mid december but now it looks like mid-late december possibly January.. I guess we just have to be patient!
    Hi GSAPE001,
    please read my reply on the page 4 (i believe), I got my acceptance letter but not so happy now, lol! I've graduated this Spring (2011) from CCSF with the Highest Honors as an Associate with emphasis in Science and Math, all A's in all of my pre-req's. I got an email today where some USF counselor suggested me to take all the course during the first 2 semesters that I already took at CCSF and got and A in each one of them... This is what I call "a complete non-sense"...What a terrible Christmas present!!!
  4. by   Avill
    Hey guys,
    To my understanding you don't have to redo them. You just wont be taking classes where the ones you already finished are done. You would replace them with the required classes like theology, ethics rhetoric writing OR you can chose a minor.

    The email said that too, it also said you can be part time in the meanwhile.
  5. by   Kat156
    :-) I do not wish to be a Part Time Student! I applied for the Nursing Program at USF and I expected to be in the Nursing Program if I am accepted for the Spring 2012!!! I have nothing else to take for the whole year but a Theology class! No actual Nursing Classes 'till 2013?!!!... Go figure!!!... This place, now, sounds like a bunch of c..p to me, I can't believe that I was so excited just a few days ago...The BSN Program at any University in the USA should not take any longer then 3 years, if you took all of the pre-req's in advance! My landlord (Chinese man) told me just a few days ago that USF is very popular in China, "the Parents" just have to make sure to write a "Nice Check" as a donation prior to applying, no English-speaking needed, welcome to USA/USF and your clinical's start immediately!....This is just so wrong.... Bye-Bye USF, thank you for the acceptance letter, made me feel good for a few days, back to my normal life now...I am going back now to try the lottery for the RN program at CCSF:-) Good Luck to everyone... I am better off not having over a $100k in debt to re-pay for the next 20 years...
  6. by   Avill
    Sooo the 1 unit nursing class that we were supposed to take is full. Anybody else taking anything else for Spring?