Any University of Oklahoma АBSN students?

  1. San Diego campus?
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  3. by   sdOU2009
    yes. here!
  4. by   BSNworkingonit
    yes, here is my advice...i am in the ou program and will graduate! however, it is a strictly online will have no instructors! imagine learning nursing by yourself...getting a quick degree is really not the way to go. try looking into other accelerated bsn programs in the san diego area that actually have instructors and classroom time. csu san marcos and azusa pacific university. the morale among university oklahoma students in san diego is extremely low and most of us are just looking forward to being done with it! please be careful when choosing this is definitely flawed and just started fall 2007 and still trying to administratively iron out kinks. your course instructors are all from oklahoma and you have only email interaction from them. yes, you do have real nurses in san diego that you get for clinicals but that's not where the testing comes from...beware!!! nursing is too important to rush through an online program. i will however feel confident in passing the nclex but wish that i had done a traditional bsn program =) also, the program has lost it's stay at sharp cabrillo so we do not know where we will be physical school and no instructors...great! what else will they throw at's borderline unethical. good luck everyone!