Any experince with Sutter Center for Psych or Sierra Vista (both in Sacramento

  1. Hello,
    I am trying to figure out which clinical site to pick for my mental health rotation, either Sutter Center for Psych or Sierra Vista in Sacramento.
    I am starting the ELMNS Program in Sacramento in January, so obviously at this point I don't have many resources for insights on these two locations or what to expect. Any relevant advice/experince to share?
    Thanks!!! :spin:
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  3. by   cdelacruz71
    A few of my classmates went to Sierra Vista and they liked it. Not sure about Sutter Center. I did my psych rotation at Heritage Oaks and that wasn't bad at all. Got a lot of transfers from both Sierra Vista and Sutter. Which school are you attending?
  4. by   StarglitterRN
    Hello and thanks for the response
    I actually picked Sutter (the morning shift). I am attending Samuel Merritt as of January 8th.
    Which school do you attend and what did you do during the rotations?
  5. by   cdelacruz71
    I'm at American River College. During my psych rotation we basicly observed 1-2 patients depending on what floor we were on (adolescent, acute, geriatric, etc.). We talked to the patients did our mental health assessments and documented everything. When doing your nursing notes make sure you use quotes from the patient (pt said "I feel like a chicken"). Quotes are always very helpful. We also attended group therapy, patient hearings, patient treatment planning meetings, and is lucky did the discharge paperwork. We didn't pass any meds but we needed to know all the meds they were on, rationale, and especially the side effects. I was so afraid going into my psych rotation but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I actually had a good time.