Adventist Health Bakersfield New Grad Program 2017

  1. Hello fellow nurses!

    I have recently been accepted in the Adventist Health Bakersfield New Grad Program. I believe it is suppose to start Feb-Mar of 2018 but is pushed a bit earlier in the first week of Dec 2017.

    I'm ecstatic that I was able to successfully pass the process. I'm excited also to meet everyone. Which city or state are you coming from? What unit will you be in? Etc, etc, etc.

    Good luck to all of us!
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  3. by   Nurse.Joy
    Hey there! I just got into ICU and will be starting with you in December! I'm coming from Texas and finally got endorsed this weekend, actually. What about you? Super excited to meet everyone in our cohort!
  4. by   MirageRN
    We're on the same unit then! Wow, that's a long journey to Bakersfield, hope you're liking it in California. I'm excited for all of us.
  5. by   Nurse.Joy
    I'm absolutely loving it here! All of my family lives here, so it's good to be closer. Where are you from? And have you started apartment-hunting yet? This is all happening so fast!!
  6. by   MirageRN
    That's great to hear. I'm from the Bay Area so it isn't really that far. I know! I thought we are starting some time in February or March but then they pushed through with it this December. I'm starting to look around the area. Some apartment postings can be deceiving. Yelp reviews really help. Any recommendations on good and safe places in the area?
  7. by   Nurse.Joy
    I'm still looking right now. I'm thinking of driving there this week to look at apartments in the area. Do you mind if I add you and PM you on here? Would love to talk more about specific work details and everything!
  8. by   MirageRN
    Sure no problem! For some reason I cannot send a PM as I haven't reached a certain number of posts here in allnurses. I started calling apartments earlier this morning and my calls just go directly to voicemails.
  9. by   MirageRN
    For everyone PMing me, I cannot reply back as I haven't reached a certain number of posts here in allnurses. Dunno why.
  10. by   Rose17
    Hi Everyone and congrats to us all. I will be in the ICU as well! So exciting and frightening (:
    I'm moving from Ventura County, excited to meet everyone soon! (:
  11. by   MirageRN
    Awesome! I'm excited to meet everyone as well. We should all meet up before our first day so that we will get to know everyone! Anyone from other units? I already met one who will be in Step Down.
  12. by   lemondrops
    Hi everyone, I go accepted for the Step Down Unit. I am from the Bay Area and yes, looking for places to rent almost feels like a full time job. I have heard there are some places you can rent for 6 months and if you dont like it you can pick another place.
  13. by   Hello_Pretty
    Wow that's crazy they're starting it in December! The new grads wouldn't have even graduated yet. I'm curious why they did that... And will they have another New Grad program in March?
  14. by   MirageRN
    Hello! Yes, they have another batch starting in late Feb/early March. The ones starting this December are those who already have their California licenses.