ADN or BSN as non-nursing major

  1. I'm looking to become an RN. We live in Southern CA and are NOT planning to move for the next 15-20 years. I have an undergraduate degree AND a masters already (both not in a science-related field). Eventually I want to pursue an F-NP degree but feel it's probably best to get an RN first and then maybe the hospital will cover my NP degree (or at least part of it) Is it better to get an ADN from a local community college OR an a-BSN from a state university? Will I have trouble getting a job as an ADN as opposed to someone who has a BSN? Since I already have two advanced degrees that I don't use, I'm not looking to go back to school only to have a degree that I can't get a job with. Thanks for your input.
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  3. by   Neo Soldier
    An ADN is cheaper to get and when you're done with school and pass your boards, you can practice as an RN. You will not be un-hireable just because you don't have a BSN. You may be restricted to where you can work (no magnet hospitals, no kaiser), or what positions you can hold (you'll probably just be a bed side nurse, nothing managerial). You can get your BSN completely online while you work as an RN with your ADN.