Adn or bsn ? Need help choosing!!

  1. So I am a first time college student starting this fall 2017 and I've decided I wanted to take the medical route and major in nursing.however, I am undecided whether I want to get my associates degree or transfer and get a bachelor' really excited and nervous at the same time.keep in mind I have a little one who is about to be 1 in August .I would really appreciate some opinions.Pros,cons?please ,I need help ! Lol btw sorry if this is the wrong section to post in, I am new at this 😂
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  3. by   imtoonice
    The short answer is get your BSN from the beginning if you can. I think you should worry about that later. You're an incoming freshman, you need to do well in all core classes first before considering BSN vs ADN. You'll have at least 2 more years (most likely 3 years) to think about it.
  4. by   outriton
    I think a lot of this depends on where you think you'll want to work.

    - Will that place hire you with an ADN? Magnet hospitals only hire BSNs for example.
    - What kind of support will you receive if/when you decide to go back to school? Flexible scheduling? Will they pay for school?
    - Do you want to move up the ladder someday? Will not having that piece of paper affect your prospects?
  5. by   Bigmamalexii
    Thank you for replying , and yes I hope to move up as well once I become an actual nurse and gain experience.i think I'll benefit more from a bsn due to my goals..thank you for your info
  6. by   SAjala16
    BSN or MSN is your best bet. They are looking for BSN mostly now but you are more competitive with a MSN if you are able to do it.

    I always hear that ADNs are going to phase out and ADN grads who get hired these days are required to return to school and complete their BSN in a certain time frame.

    I am bypassing all that up by just going to a 2 year MSN versus spending 2 years in a BSN then another year or two in a MSN.
  7. by   Bigmamalexii
    Thank you !! I appreciate your reply, and I've heard of something as well but I wasn't totally sure by when they would require that, ..yeah I think I've made my choice lol.