Accelerated Online BSN in CA??

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    I have a bachelors in Communications. I am 33, and after I had my baby, I got laid off from my corporate job. I won't go back to that world, and now that I have a family, I need a flexible schedule, and I need to bring in an income. I really want to be a nurse. I know it will be a long path. I have a 13 month old and I am pregnant with #2, so the best bet is to do this online.

    I have combed the web for online Accelerated BSN courses, and I don't see any in CA. If I want to take an online program, do I have to move? How does that work? Has anyone done it that lives in CA. Any and all advice would be great.

    Also, it looks like every school has a slightly different set of prereq's. Is that true, or is there a standardized sheet?

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
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    I have moved your thread to our California State Nursing Programs forum.

    Info you seek is found at AACN's Accelerated Nursing Programs website:
    American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Accelerated Nursing Programs
    Each program has their own entrance requirements, including prerequisites.

    List of Accelerated BSN and MSN Programs

    Azusa Pacific University
    California Baptist University
    California State University-Long Beach
    California State University-Northridge
    California State University-San Marcos
    Concordia University
    Loma Linda University
    Mount St Mary's College
    National University
    Samuel Merritt University
  4. by   SquishyRN
    The closest thing I can think of to what you may be looking for is Western Governor's University's Prelicensure BSN program.