30 unit option

  1. Has anyone completed this option? I am an LVN of 23 yrs & am considering thid but was looking for some opinions.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    What are your plans in the future? This is an unusual way to become an RN, and there are likely to be many states that won't endorse your license due to not actually completing an RN program. Consider both sides carefully- if this is the path you take, what restrictions might you face? On the other hand, how much will you save in tuition?
  4. by   Rmyles71
    Ive been an LVN for 23yrs. I live in California & they offer this option. I only want an RN due to always wanting it. Its nit about money, I make more money than RNs right now. I just want to fulfill my personal goal. I have no interest in paying $100,000 plus to get it.
  5. by   Meriwhen
    The big downside to becomming a RN this way is that you will not be able to endorse this license outside of CA, as most other states will have required you to have graduated from a diploma/ADN/BSN program. You might possibly be able to work in other states as a VA employee but I don't know for certain.

    If you're planning to stay in CA for the rest of your nursing career, then it'd probably work for you. But if relocation is a definite posibility in your future, you may want to reconsider.