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California: Nursing Schools, Board of Nursing, License Info, NCLEX pass rates, etc.

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rn associations:

[color=#0000cc]american nurses association california home page

[color=#0000cc]california nurses association

california: board of registered nursing

> what is the brn?

> frequently asked questions

1. how do i become a registered nurse (rn) in california?

how to become an rn

select the item below that describes your situation:

  • new rns - i have never been an rn, and i would like to consider becoming one.
  • out-of-state rns - i am an rn in another state, and i would like to be a california rn.
  • international rns - i am an rn from another country, and i would like to be licensed in california.
  • former rns - i was an rn in california, but my license expired or is inactive.

application for licensure by examination.

licensure by endorsement

to qualify for endorsement (reciprocity) into california as a rn, you must hold a current and active license in another state or canada, have completed an educational program meeting all california requirements, and have passed national council licensure examination (nclex-rn) or the state board test pool examination (sbtpe). the canadian comprehensive examination is not acceptable. if you do not possess these qualifications, you do not qualify for licensure by endorsement and must apply to take the examination instead.

to apply for licensure via the online endorsement process

application for licensure by endorsement.

2. how can i inquire as to the status of my application?

3. what is the fingerprint requirement?

nclex application:

5. what is the national council licensure examination (nclex)?

6. how much does it cost to register for the nclex-rn examination?

7. i have registered to take the examination. when will i receive my authorization to test (att)?

8. where can i take the nclex-rn examination?

> ca brn: approved nursing programs

rn programs

advanced practice programs

rn to bsn programs

california approved programs in partnership with out of state online programs

**warning - unaccredited nursing programs operating within california **

the board has not approved any international distance learning programs.

even if an international nursing school is appropriately accredited by its own government, completion of an international distance learning program and/or blended instruction will not qualify an applicant to sit for the nclex.

rn nclex pass rates

> rn: regulations


career info: licensed vocational nurses

> associations:

national federation of licensed vocational nurses

[color=#0000cc]national association for practical nurse education and service, inc.

> [color=#0000cc]california board of vocational nursing

[color=#0000cc]frequently asked questions

[color=#0000cc]nurse licensure application forms

accredited vocational nursing program

lvn nclex pass rates

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