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California New Grad Programs 2011

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Just thought I'd start a new thread for the new grad programs in 2011 since the application dates are coming up soon for the Feb/March cohorts. If you guys know when applications will be posted, it would be wonderful to share it with everyone! So far these are the ones I know of that start in Feb/March:

USC- apply month of October

UCLA- from what I heard, applications go up in November but nothing on the website yet (if anyone knows anything more specific, please tell!)

White Memorial- website says apply between Sept-Jan, but I don't see a specific date

Loma Linda, Hoag, Cedars(?)- no info on websites

Anyone know of any others that start in March and when application deadlines are?

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Lauren4268 works as a Student Nurse.

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UC San Diego- "We will be posting the New Grad job posting in the end of October for the next program starting in January 2011"


I've read in other threads that they get flooded with apps the day it opens and usually close it after a day or two...so for any one applying, I'd say you should have all your stuff ready to apply and start checking every day this month to see if its open....good luck! i'm graduating Dec '11, so hoping things get better by then...

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