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California New Grad Contract


I’m a recent grad in CA with no acute care experience. I was offered a pretty awesome position in a new grad program but it’s a 2 year contract. I’ve been told they aren’t enforceable in CA? I was given the contract and it says I won’t get my offer until the contract is signed which doesn’t feel right.

The contract is pretty general and says if I sign it I must stay with them and work 72 hours per pay period for 24 months. Otherwise you pay back the full non pro rated amount it costs to train you. In my unit it would be 30k. I understand they want to get a return on their investment but it’s not even prorated. Anyone have experience with this in CA?

vince_reads, BSN, LVN, RN

Specializes in Medical-Surgical Nursing. Has 6 years experience.

I was on a new grad residency program as well. I'm still working at my current job ever since. I'm still thankful.

But let me tell you... A few of my co-new grads got a job from other hospitals even less than a year of experience, some after working there for a year. And guess what? They didn't receive any billing statement at all to pay for not working the full 2 years. Kinda silly to think but I have not encountered one who receives a single billing statement.

This is even the most shocking and fun story. We had one new grad in August 2019. As soon as she was scheduled to be on her own, she didn't show up. I just found out that she quit when she added me on facebook and she told me she quit on the day that she was scheduled to work on her own. Hahaha. She got hired at an outpatient surgical center because she likes surgeries. Up to now, she hasn't received a single billing statement for breaking the contract. She finished the new grad program orientation, though. Hahaha.