California CNA courses coverd by BOGFW


Does anyone in a CNA/NAC course in the state of CA know if the tuition is coverd by the BOG fee waiver? I am considering moving back to CA where I graduated high school but the only way I could afford to become a NAC is covered by a fee waiver.


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BOGG Fee Waivers are only honored at public colleges ie: junior college, ect. the majority of jc's here in california have disconntinued their programs so the only option is going to an adult school, ROP, or private institiution.

There are schools here in CA that do offer pell grants that cover the cost of the program, you just have to inquire with the schools you are looking at. If you give me an idea of where in CA you are planning to move too, I can tell you the school that I know of that offers the pell grant. I am in Northern CA (Oakland area) and the Institute of Medical Education offers the pell for their CNA program.

You could also call or go to the State Board website to get a list of CNA schools and call the ones in the area you are moving to and inquire about their financial aid programs.