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California, can you use an experienced LVN?

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I am a 48 y/o male, veteran of the armed forces (navy). I have in excess of 25 years of nursing experience in various areas of nursing. Unfortunately I have taken the past 5 years off to pursue an automotive business. Last year I renewed my LVN licensed in the state of california and have been trying to find employment.

The problem I am having is finding an employer who will honor my many years of healthcare service and allow me the opportunity to prove my worth. All the potential employers are requiring recent healthcare experience and are slamming the doors in my face, however these same employers are hiring nursing students who have recently graduated and have no experience, nothing against students we all have to start somewhere, but what has happen to the need for experience? Is there anyone? in the state of california, preferably san diego who can shed some light on this disturbing experience. Any help or job leads would be greatly appreciated.

In addition to possessing a active LVN license for the state of California I am also an ex-dermatology technician from the navy.

Sorry to hear about your trouble finding a job, but where exactly are you seeing facilities who are hiring new LVNs in California?

Because that's just not happening, at least not in my area. I got my license in APRIL and have applied to God only knows how many places and most of them don't even see fit to send me a rejection letter.

Skilled nursing facilities won't even ACCEPT my application because I'm new. So please, point me in the right direction. For the record, I'm in the LA area/Inland Empire. Out here, the facilities will only accept experienced nurses. If this hasn't been where you've been trying, give it a shot. They definitely don't want me or my fellow new nurses. :(


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How do you get experience if they dont give you a chance to gain experience. I don't see the logic on this. After studying for this damn exam then now what? they wont even hire you because you don't a have experience at a year! No wonder no one wants to be on this kind of career anymore...because of this lame requirements of all this hospitals and nursing homes...THEY NEED TO CHANGE THAT!! and give us a chance to prove ourselves that we are worth it..

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Most hospitals don't hire LVN's, San Diego is completely innundated as are most parts of California. Experiences RNs are even unable to find work. It's the economy.

Nobody wants to pay to train you. Also you've been out of the health care field for 5 years and that's considered outdated. Did you try to do a refreher course for LVNs? That may help. The prison system also hires new grads. Good Luck

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As a new grad RN BSN with years of prior career experience it took me a year to find work. Many of my cohorts were pursuing work in areas that traditionally hired LVN's. It's hard everywhere job wise and I wish you luck.

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Just an idea, you may consider applying to agencies for work. There are many agencies all

over CA, if one says no, the next may say yes. I have worked in San Diego before

through agencies- few years back.

Maybe also consider home health care agencies and check on San Diego craigslist, there are private ads seeking LVN's few weeks ago.

Good luck!

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